SETCARD Turkey’s Meal Card!

As Set Corporate Services Inc., from 2001 till today, with the support of our dynamic human resources from over 200 employees, and our managerial understanding that places productivity at the centre, we are keeping our high brand quality alive in the meal sector.

Our services, which started with meal coupons, gained momentum in 2005 when we switched to our smart card system. We turned into a structure that allows payments of personnel meal rights in Turkey with an electronic payment system.

When we managed to increase our card numbers by 30% in 2008, we succeeded in seriously growing and being a part of the meal card sector.

In 2009 when we continued on with our ‘Turkey’s Meal Card SETCARD’ slogan, we continued to bring innovations to the sector and our business partners that we have agreements with, and provide options to make life easier through increasing our product range.

With the advantageous system we created in 2010 called SETPARA, we were incredibly happy to be chosen by employees to be the most preferred meal card.

With the responsibility of being the strongest local structure within the sector in Turkey, we took on the role of finding practical discoveries that are shaping the modern world; we enriched our products with Gift Card, Setcard Fuel, Turnstile Systems, Campus Card, Contactless Card Feature and Setcard Mobile.

In addition to our exclusive services, as the distributor of Spectra Pos Machines in Turkey, we are proud to be the only company that has created its own POS and card structure with Setcard.

Our Goals

  • To present corporate solutions that add value to our members, simplify work life and living, with our innovative services.
  • To continue our leadership position in the meal card sector with the services we provide our customers and member institutions.

About Us