Human Resources Policy

Whilst providing employment, Setcard believes that the most important value is the individual, and that it can reach long-term success with the support of its employees;

  • To add qualified employees to its organisation, to pull in valuable talents and develop them,
  • To develop policies in harmony with a high performance culture that increase the performance and satisfaction of the employees.
  • To use a transparent, fair communication language that allows for all voices to be heard,
  • To bring the potential of personnel to they’re highest level by creating a productive work environment.

The Setcard HR department, that works within an understanding of being in harmony and creating value within the fast changing modern world conditions, aims to create a work force that reflects the spirit of the company, that has high motivation and devotion.

Recruitment and Placement

Setcard, which moves forward with the principle of ‘right person for the right job’, evaluates all applications from its own pool and other career portals.

* When the meetings with the Human Resources department come to an end, meetings are set up with the department heads.

* Reference controls are carried for our applicants that are approved by the department head; a proposal for salary is made.

* For candidates that accept the proposal, orientation trainings are organised and adaptation to the company is ensured.

Setcard Career

In order to evaluate you for our open positions by staying true to our goal of determining the best and most competent candidate, we ask you to please fill out the information below.

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