Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

*   To value the employees, ensure an active communication environment where employees can express their opinions.

*  To follow innovations and be open to changes for a better service mentality for all the time, make use of current human resource in the most efficient way in compliance with corporate culture and values.

Main Objective

Our main objective is to incorporate the solution oriented applicants who are able to establish efficient communication, that are inclined to team work, have the ability of analytic thinking, follow the innovations, manage their time well and that use success as a base.

Recruitment Process

*  In recruitment procedures, applicants are invited to pre-interviews following the evaluations of the applications for open positions through career portals and , the individual electronic correspondence address. Basic competences and qualifications specific to position are taken into consideration in employment interviews.

*  Following the pre-interview, qualified applicants make interview with the respective managers. Employment proposition is made following the reference research and price studies for the applicants, who successfully completed the process.

*  In order to accelerate the job adaptation process, orientation and essential trainings based on the department and mission are provided for the beginners.

Career in Setcard

  • Upon request by respective director, vertical or horizontal career opportunities are available in Setcard. In order to go through an upper position, it is essential to have the knowledge, skill and competence required for that job identification.

Feel free to send your CV via the following e-mail address so that we can evaluate you for open positions.