Setcard Accommodation


Adding a recent one among its advantageous products, Set Kurumsal Hizmetler A.Ş offers ‘Setcard Accommodation’ service for its customers. With this card, entire planning for accommodation is carried out on behalf of your company by means of easy access to the facilities to meet your requirements in the most proper means through online system.

Focusing on your works, you will be able to turn the time, spent throughout your travel into advantage without a need to deal with the details of accommodation.​

Have the privilege of accommodation with the prices specific to SetCard during your travels thanks to the broad hotel network around 500 all over Turkey. Feel the confidence to manage your reservation details as you wish while enjoying your accommodation, organized for you with a transparent business manner.

Advantages of Setcard Accommodation for the Companies;

* Determining hotels based on expectations and needs
* Good price guarantee and price credibility
* Single Invoice
* Work load relief and saving on time
* Ability to follow the details of accommodation through virtual platform
* Cost control
* Customer services support
* Zero service charge

Online system advantages;

* Personal user name and password
* Online communication
* SMS information
* Detailed reporting
* Suggestion and demand notification