Setcard, enables the corporations to make use of the advantages and ease of use of Smart Card Technology with their own pos infrastructure regarding Personnel Social Meal Right.

System Advantages

SETCARD operates in the sector with its experience more than fifteen years and broad membership network all over Turkey regarding personnel meal systems. It has a desire to facilitate working life with boutique solutions in corporate services, to try to catch the difference of being the best with the added values in the products, and offer all facilities to increase the quality of life with service quality for its customers.

With the broad pos network, smart card software and technological investments, Setcard has a strong infrastructure and it makes a difference in the sector with its national infrastructure in payment systems thereby increasing its competence in these fields as well as benefit and value efficiency in the services.

advantage-calculatorPreferred by the outstanding institutions and organizations in Turkey, Setcard started to use Dual Interface Cards with contactless POS infrastructure  for the recent projects, developed in  2010. Launching Setcard Accommodation and Gift Card projects in 2012, it increased its product range. It achieved a great momentum in Meal Card industry by 2016, making the entire system online.

  • Tax Advantage
  • Broad membership network all over Turkey
  • Corporate specific customer services
  • Boutique solutions to satisfy the needs
  • Ease of operation through the web portal with company specific user name and password
  • Ability to control budget and expenditures with a single invoice 
  • Administrative Convenience
  • Instant balance control, card cancellation and balance withdrawal advantage with Online system
  • Fund savings thanks to fast order and loading
  • Limitation
  • 10% additional bonus immediately upon spending at SetMoney points
  • Great benefits provided with periodical promotions
  • Online System Privilege
  • Freedom of Transaction with Contactless Card