Social Aid Card

social-aid-cardEnables to cover food, dressing, stationery etc. requirements of needy families, determined by Social Aid Institutions (municipalities, foundations) in a more modern manner.

While Social Aid Card service ensures the utilization of food funds allocated by the government for intended purposes; free the company from an operational burden. At the same time, it eliminates the uncertainty experienced while providing the aids to those who are needy. Thus, it ensures rendering a kind service without tarnishing the honour of the needy.

System Operation

  •  The needy are determined by the Charities and a budget is made,
    •    the list following the budget is forwarded to Setcard.
    •    The cards are designed by Setcard based on the area where the aid will be made as food or clothing, (In this way, utility of the aid is ensured.)
    •    Aid payment is loaded into the cards within 1 business day at the latest.
    •    The needy take delivery of their cards from the Relief Agency with the official documents against their signatures.
    •    Company official is able to follow in detail through the net when, where and how much the owner of the card spends.

System Advantages

  •  Ensures correct management and distribution of relief funds,
    •    Relieves the operational burden,
    •    Ensures freedom of choice for the needy,
    •    Helps to transfer the charity funds to true persons and prevent misconducts.