Win as you spend, Using Setcard

win-as-you-spend-using-setcard-setmoneyWith customer oriented perspective for customer loyalty and rewarding as well as innovative applications to gain real favor, it becomes a privilege to use SETCARD.
SETMONEY, gained from the expenses made in the restaurants within the campaign, spending bonus is immediately entered into the card and you can learn how much SETMONEY you earned from sale slips.

With the SetMoney campaigns launched not only in local entities but also with chain stores in the recent period, customers are offered added value

SETMONEY Utilization Advantages

  • Gains without 24/7 time limitation,
  • Removes the necessity to log on the web or portal,
  • SETMONEY is deposited into the card when targeted amount is reached.
  • You can spend earned SETMONEYs in all registered workplaces however you wish.